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Delinquent Account Collection
Our most widely used service. Both first and second placement accounts are accepted.

Early Out Programs
These programs maximize your return at a reduced cost while accelerating your cash flow. These pro-active recovery systems are customized to meet clients' needs.

Payment Monitoring
Experienced staff will handle the management and monitoring of your contract payment accounts. Payment coupons are provided and individual follow-up is tightly maintained throughout the process.

Insurance Follow-up
We take care of follow-up regarding promises from primary and secondary insurance carriers. Claims are filed on clients' behalf for Workmans Compensation, auto, etc.

Letter Service
Customized letters are generated and sent as a complement to your own internal efforts. In accordance, audit or pre-collection notices are available.

Innovative Resource Management
Our own registered trade-name, used in many of our specialized outsourcing programs. The IRM name allows us to operate as an extension of our clients' offices, using a softer touch than with standard collection activity.

Commercial Collections
A nationwide, business to business service that handles all aspects of settlement.

Staff Training
Sessions are tailored to your needs, covering collection techniques, regulations, and procedures.

A Proven Process

Collection Service Center has its own "standard operating procedures" to help collection and clerical staff process your accounts efficiently. We mandate that all new accounts be entered into our system and first notices mailed within 24 hours of receipt. Accounts are then automatically assigned to CSC account representatives who begin contacting consumers. Accounts without current address or telephone information are given to specialists, who conduct extensive research for locate information.

All accounts are reported to Equifax, Experian (formerly TRW) and Trans Union to become part of a nationwide credit reporting database, unless otherwise instructed by the client. The knowledge to a consumer that future credit needs may be hampered is a useful tool in recovering more money for you.

All collector contact, either written or by phone, is accomplished in strict compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Our collectors are thoroughly trained through the American Collectors Association to legally and ethically negotiate payment in full. Continuing education is provided as needed to keep CSC management and staff informed of changes in state and federal laws.

Our entire collection effort focuses on assisting the consumer in finding a means to pay their obligation and collecting payment in full for you.

Advanced Accounting Systems

Collection Service Center uses the latest software from a top-rated national company for collection and accounting. Our system has remarkable adaptability and can tailor reporting programs to meet our clients' needs. This system allows us to receive and transmit data by diskette, e-mail and direct access to our clients' computer system. This versatility and CSC's reliability help our clients gain the most from their collection partner.

CSC is able to generate many customized reports. Our accurate reports show accounts listed, amount collected and commission paid. They help you track your receivables and estimate your return.

The month-to-date, year-to-date report is a quick and easy way to check the progress being made on your accounts.

CSC inventory reports list all accounts alphabetically and show their current status.

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