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Collection Service Center, Inc. was founded in 1927 as the Professional Service Bureau. Collectors then went door-to-door on debtor paydays to pick up promised payments, and postage for a first class letter was 2 cents. Over the years much has changed in the collection industry and at Collection Service Center.

Growth through acquisition and increased sales has resulted in expansion into 3 states. The strategic location of Collection Service Center offices in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland, greatly enhances our ability to service this broad-based market through a network of local and regional offices.

Automation provides the tools necessary to maximize recovery and track performance. With thousands of accounts at their fingertips, Collection Service Center telephone collectors can spend their time working your accounts - collecting money.

A staff of well-trained professionals ensures a trustworthy and efficient collection service for the mutual benefit of both the consumer and the client. Collectors are certified and bonded by the Collection Service Division of the Associated Credit Bureaus, Inc. and the American Collectors Association, Inc.

Collection Service Center has stood the test of time. Today CSC is a progressive company, with a skilled staff, using state-of-the-art technology to provide a wide range of collection services to a regional market.

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